A Homesteaders Life – The Reality of Living on a Homestead

A Homesteaders Life – The Reality of Living on a Homestead

 Homesteaders Life – The Reality of Living on a Homestead

Homesteaders Life - Fun on the Homestead- Winter in Northern Michigan

The reality of living a homesteader’s life is sinking in today as I walk the dogs.   Living off the land, away from crazy neighbors, oh the dream! We scrimped and saved and finally found our little bit of paradise in northern Michigan.  We purchased several homesteading and living off the grid books and magazines. We read everyone of them from front to back. Notebooks full of plans and dreams,we want from our property and just the homestead lifestyle. But, the one thing I did not find in those books or magazines – Was…. What happens if one half of your team suffers a life altering injury and illness.

Will you still be able to carry on with your plans and dreams? What will they look like now? Will you be able to keep up with the homestead on your own? What’s next?

I’ll be honest, living on a catamaran in the sea like Gone with the Wynns, sounds far more appealing. The thought of running out of wood in the middle of February, or making sure that once long driveway, which seemed perfect for remoteness has now become a liability. Will I be able to keep it cleared enough so that we or the ambulance can pass through if we need it.

Our days are filled with physical therapy and cardiac rehab vs clearing the forest.

Our days are now filled with naps and making sure my husband has what he needs before I leave for a bit to run up town.

Is it still the dream? Yes, my husband is alive (which is alot better than he was in early Aug)  

But the realities of a Homesteaders life sure looks a lot different than our notebooks plan and dreams.






The Widowmaker – Heart Attack

The Widowmaker – Heart Attack

The Widowmaker – Heart Attack

It was a Tuesday afternoon – I just left physical therapy – The onset is quick from 0-60 in just a few seconds. It’s like hitting nitrous from the starting line.

Life washed from your face in just seconds, the excruciating pain, the panic inside your head. Just needing some relief.

What is going on?  Deep down you know what is happening -You’ve seen this a hundred times before.

The voices of your spouse talking to 911 and in your head your screaming hurry up! Because you know if you panic, this life as you knew it would end. Trying to regulate your breathing while trying not to throw up. The sweat starting to roll across your forehead, oh the pain, the crushing pain that is radiating down your arm and into your jaw.

Waiting for the paramedics to show up with some nitro and a baby aspirin to hopefully provide some relief from the pain.  It doesn’t!

You’re alive but need to get to the hospital. Two big bore iv’s  placed to push the drugs and the morphine flowing through my veins not even touching the pain.

Full arrest, shocked, and a stint later – I have been granted a new lease on life.


Joe – Full-Time Fire Fighter Paramedic shares his experience of his Widowmaker Heart attack


To quote Sgt. Dave Parnell from the Detroit Fire Department ” I wish my mind could forget what my eyes have seen.” 

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