Pressure Cooker Information

Poultry – Beef – Pork – Fish and Sea Food- Grains- Beans -Legumes – Vegetables

BeefCooking Time - High PressureLiquid NeededRelease Method
Pot Roast - 3-4 Pounds -Thawed55-65 Minutes2 Cups LiquidNatural
Meat Balls -Thawed6 Minutes1 Cup LiquidNatural
Meat Loaf -Thawed35 Minutes1 1/2 Cups LiquidNatural
Ground Beef -Thawed5 Minutes1 Cup LiquidQuick
Corned Beef -Thawed60 MinutesCover the Corned Beef with LiquidNatural

PorkCooking Time -PressureLiquid RequiredRelease Method
Baby Back Ribs30 Minutes1 CupNatural
Pork Shoulder55 Minutes1 1/2 CupsNatural
Pork Chops - Boneless4-5 Minutes1 CupNatural
Pork Chops- Bone In6-7 Minutes
1 CupNatural
Country Ribs22-26 Minutes1 1/2 CupsNatural

PoultryCooking Time - High Pressure -MinutesAmount of Liquid NeededRelease Method
Chicken Breast - Bone In - Thawed7 Minutes1 CupQuick
Chicken Breast - Boneless -Thawed4 Minutes1 CupQuick
Chicken Thigh - Bone In - Thawed7 Minutes1 CupQuick
Chicken Thigh - Boneless - Thawed4 Minutes1 CupQuick
Whole Chicken- Thawed21 Minutes1 CupNatural Release

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