Machine Embroidery Stabilizers

What are stabilizers and why do you need them?

Stabilizer are the foundation of your design. It is the stabilizer that supports and holds the stitching. Not the fabric.

When looking at what machine embroidery stabilizer to use for your project, look at the density of the design (how many stitches). You can then choose the best foundation for your design. Below I have included a quick reference guide to help you choose.

Tear Away Stabilizer is makes a great stabilizer for most woven fabrics. It is strong enough to support stiches and provides you the option of gently removing it from the back of your design after stitching your embroidery design. Not recommended for wearables.

If you float your designs. This is a great choice of stabilizers. It has an adhesive top that helps keep your project stable during the stitching process. I hope this with the backing still on and then score around the edge. It keeps by hoops cleaner.

Iron On  Fusible Tearaway – It is used to hold fabric still while embroidery. It is pretty thin and be used with another stabilizer , if you find you need more support for the density of your machine embroidery file. 

Please note: Use a pressing motion verses an ironing motion. It allows for the adhesive to release in a smoother manner. 


Water Soluble Stabilizers – IMPORTANT distinction:

Fabric WSS and FILM WSS

Fabric Water Soluble – is hooped by itself and the embroidery is stitched directly onto the stabilizer is then dissolved with water once the embroidery project is complete.  

This type of stabilizer is most commonly used with Free Standing Lace Designs.

FILM Water Soluble – is used as a topper on items such as towels, fleece, and other high pile designs to help. It help with the stitches sinking into the fabric. 



Cutaway Stablizers

Are very very strong and support an abundance number of stitches. Cutway stabilizer will remain in place on your stitched product. You can cut around the stabilizer, do not try to pull off. You will rip your stitches out. This stabilizer is what is recommended for wearables.